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Take charge of your charging

At Charge+Zone, we believe that everyone should get an opportunity to charge his/her EV. Here are some of our best practices to make it easy, simple and safe.

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Want us to charge
your EV?

Please follow these steps.


Step 1

Park your EV so that charging point / gun can be plugged to charging socket on the Electric Vehicle.


Step 2

Our charge sports are equipped for 90 minutes per charging session.

After payment, tap the Charge Zone App to start charging.

And then follow these steps.


Plug In

Take out the connector from the Charge Spot. Plug it into charging socket of EV.


Start Charging

Start charging session by tapping Start Charging on your mobile app screen.


Charging Speed

Your EV will charge at a lower kWh rate, if it is above 50%. It will not use the kWh fast charging capability but will be on slow charging mode.


Booking Mode

Your charging session time will be based on the option you have selected while booking the time slot; i.e. by unit or by amount.


Emergency Button

Do not use the Red Emergency Stop button during charging session unless any unexpected emergency operation occurs.


Unplug & Go

Once you are done with the charging session, unplug the connector and put it back to the Charge Spot connector holder properly and leave the space for the next EV driver to charge.