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Charge Zone® is one of the leading global companies to have a fully integrated technology, powered by software systems with hardware and renewable energy capabilities.

We have made a leap in our ecosystem and thereby created a playbook of Fleet Electrification (B2B) and Inter-City Retail EV Charging (B2C).


One Million Charging Points by 2030

As a part of our vision of creating a network of one million charging points by 2030, we have built an extensive network of electric bus charging stations to strengthen public EV charging infrastructure in the country. Our aim is to reduce tailpipe emissions in key cities across India and consequently bring down pollution in urban markets by encouraging the personal, public & commercial mobility segments to increasingly adopt electric vehicles as a mode of commute. In the long term, our mission is to achieve NET ZERO by bringing in renewable energy integration across our entire electric bus charging network and enable a faster transition to green mobility

The Operating System For EV Charging Networks

Charge Zone®'s EV charging network is driven by a sophisticated Grid to-Vehicle (G2V) technology that enables an unmanned EV Charging experience for the end EV user.

We call it Charge Cloud, since it is indigenously developed the OCPP-based Cloud Software that runs on the Over-The-Air processes that enables EV Chargers on fully automated processes.

Further the cloud technology is coupled with the smartphone app that makes EV Charging process unmanned and the transactions cashless. We truly believe that convenience, is the only metric that can change consumer behaviour.

The minds who
keep us charged

Mr. Kartikey Hariyani

Founder & CEO

Mr. Ravindra Mohan

Director - Business & Strategy

Mr. Pavan Bakeri


Charge Zone® Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.

CHARGE ZONE, A company expanding the culture of Electric vehicles through its latest technology and innovation.

The depiction of the setting up of charging stations across the nation along with providing fast charge and encouraging the use of EVs is a testimony to their commitment towards renewable energy and innovation.

CHARGE ZONE seeks to set up over a million charging spots by 2030 and provide affordable and super-fast charging to all!

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