EV Industry in India


The rise of electric vehicles has created new economic prospects which are leading to the demand for EV Charging Stations being the complimentary service. Electric automobiles gradually started to seize the automotive market, since manufacturers began to emphasize on electric vehicles. The world's leading automakers have already outlined their ambitions for electric commuting. As a result, businesses have a great deal of scope to invest in charging stations. Know why?

1. Take a different approach from the competition-

The majority of in-person shoppers brings their automobile along. Many electric vehicle drivers would want to be able to charge their vehicles while shopping. As a result, providing charging points may help you stand out from the crowd. And, as several companies struggle to compete with online options, providing a great shopping experience is now becoming increasingly necessary.

2. Strengthen customer relationships-

Smart EV charging can connect drivers with businesses if they stop by to charge, allowing businesses to gather more user feedback which would increase the possibility of subsequent visits.

3. Encourage a green business initiative-

Diesel vehicles are responsible for 66% of air pollution-related deaths in India says a report by ICCT. When it comes to India's ways to mitigate automotive emissions, we are relatively late in undertaking contamination measures. To stimulate extensive EV adoption, massive efforts are needed. It is indeed essential to keep into consideration the heavy scrutiny on how businesses contribute to these kinds of initiatives.

4. Establish strong Goodwill-

Consumers are now becoming particularly concerned about companies that encourage environmental sustainability. They are more driven to work for a company that offers a good or service they value, while also being responsible in its production. If customers realize that the business is ecologically friendly, they will be more inclined to patronize it. Customers will instinctively recognize that businesses care about the environment since your business has installed an EV charging station.

5. Intrigue prospect customers-

EV drivers may have to rest for several hours to recharge their batteries. Installing an EV charger has been shown to boost the number of visitors among this demographic. Installing an EV charging station can also boost visitors’ halt by roughly an hour, which means more time for consumers to spend money at your business. People may be tempted to buy more at such a company that exhibits its green credentials by investing in EV charging infrastructure.

6. Change is future that will be compensated further-

The demand for companies to overhaul their infrastructure is mounting with the implementation of ultra-low emissions zones, as well as an eventual ban on new diesel and petrol vehicles and vans. Also with the EV industry booming, growing acceptance and the expectation of charging stations as standard in workplaces is not far off. Companies can establish a competitive edge by stepping ahead of the trend, and they can presently integrate with existing workplace incentive programmes to install charging stations or purchase specific new electric vehicles.

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